Ex-BBNaija Housemates Are Begging For N100k Jobs And Sleeping Around – Harri Obi Alleges

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Harri Obi, a personality, has alleged former BBNaija housemates are begging for N100k jobs and sleeping around to maintain lifestyle.


Harri Obi tweets, stated BBNaija celebrity status is too fickle and exerts unnecessary pressure on someone who might have trekked to audition venue.


He averred when reality show ends, housemates are always a silent competition to outdo each .

He tweeted; The BBN celebrity status is too fickle and exerts unnecessary pressure on someone who only 90 days back trekked to the audition venue. I’ve heard of former HMs that are the DMs of every brand begging for N100k jobs, and others that sleep around to maintain the lifestyle.

You’re an ordinary person, you on the show for 90 days & all of a sudden people expect you to be flying private jets, driving Tesla, dinning at Sheraton & rocking Gucci. ’s when people tell me to go for BBN, I just laugh. Societal expectations are your faves.

I once overheard a mentor, the ceo of a big PR Agency in Nigeria, say the biggest mistake you’d ever make as a young person is letting yourself drawn into the Nigerian celebrity vortex. will chew and spit you out before you know what’s going on.

As soon as HMs leave the , there is a silent but loud competition to outdo each ; who’s getting the biggest endorsements? Who’s driving the best cars? Who’s traveling the most? Etc. No one is sitting down and planning their next move. ’s all noise and PR.

A former HM from last said she broke and abandoned, Anto said something about being pressure, Ahneeka wants fans to stop telling her how to live her life and Lucy shared the same sentiments days back. Nobody is teaching these younglings how to be celebrities.

Or should we talk about the intense withdrawal symptoms, how the validity of your fame only lasts 365 days and as soon as the next set of new HMs are announced, your depression skyrockets. I wish these new guys . They don’t understand the world they’ve been thrown into.