Ex-Japanese emperor loses consciousness

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President Benigno S. Aquino III shakes hands with His Majesty the Emperor Akihito of Japan during the Courtesy Call at the Music Room of the Malacañan Palace for the State Visit to the Philippines on Wednesday (January 27, 2016). (Photo by Gil Nartea / Malacañang Photo Bureau)

Tokyo – Former Japanese emperor Akihito temporarily lost consciousness at his residence Tokyo, local reported on .

The 86-year- collapsed on Wednesday, Kyodo News reported, citing the Imperial Household Agency. But found no abnormalities subsequent medical checkups.

His condition was back to normal on , Kyodo reported.

Akihito relinquished the Chrysanthemum Throne on April 30 Japan’s first abdication 202 years. His Naruhito ascended the throne the next day.

Akihito suffered several bouts of ill in the latter half of his term.