Ex-Journalist Finds Fulfillment in Fashion, Hits Abuja With Online Fashion Site

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By Chibuike Nwabuko

Abuja (Sundiata Post) – Ex-journalist, Mr Nnamdi Daniels has found fulfillment in fashion and has unveiled an online fashion site in Abuja on Sunday.

The Online fashion site he said is to bridge the gap and  to meet  fashion needs and deliver to door steps, all fashion needs  just at the click of a button. #cndaniels is the place to be for solution to all fashion needs. With #cndaniels the sad experiences of disappointment associated with fashion business are over.


Chief Executive Officer of cn daniels, Mr. Nnamdi Daniels who studied Mass Communication and worked with City Applause media in Lagos but did not find satisfaction in journalism narrated what inspired him into full time online fashion business. Hear him:


According to him, “Fashion found me, what ignited my creativity is fabrics. “When I see fabric it gives me inspiration of what to do with it, the environment also contributes to this especially the city of Abuja with different aesthetics from Lagos where I was, he said.


On the choice of Abuja for his business he said, “If you look at Lagos or Kano, you discover that so much time is wasted in traffic jam while a lot of time is saved in Abuja which is used for the business and aids quick delivery.


The news that #cndaniels is bringing into Abuja is to bridge the missing link between fashion enthusiasts and fashion designers.


As fashion couples, this helps us work better as my wife is the lead designer for the woman outfit.


In that case, while I will focus on male designs and my wife will do same in terms of female designs; I will concentrates on male customers.


Timely delivery is a major challenge in fashion business. “People have said tailors in Nigeria won’t make heaven but the reverse is the case with us, he said.


What we hear from our customers now is “God bless you’ you have made my day. He said in #cndaniels Our word is our bond.


#cndaniels boasts of well-trained tailors and the capacity to deliver with speed of light to her teeming customers.

This he aptly captured when he said: “To meet up the expertise and increase in customer demand, cn daniels went to six states where there are well trained tailors for engagement after about three months refresher courses to bring them to cndaniels’standard.

That was what we did for the whole of last year and now they have the capacity to deliver timely.


Now #cndaniels has a factory in Apo and they are looking for the possibility of having more in that axis.

Luckily for the couple, the bond of fashion has strengthened their home as they work together every day with their offices next to each other and they never get to miss each other.


#cndaniels had revolutionized fashion because before now there was no real fashion site online. Considering shortage of power, they are prepared to spend on power to keep the site active twenty four hours in seven days. For your booking and request, just log on to www.cndaniels.com.



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