Executive stress can cause bad breath — Dentist

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ABUJA – Dr Machu Abraham, , Graceland Oral and Medical Care , Abuja, on Wednesday advised Nigerians to take to rest while they work in order to avoid bad breath.

Abraham told the News Agency of (NAN) in Abuja that important to avoid stress during working hours by moving around and taking water to maintain healthy lifestyle.

“There is the bad breath; somebody comes to from eight o’clock till about 10p.m.; he has forgotten that there is breakfast, there is lunch and dinner; he is stressed.[eap_ad_1]

“This one is very prone to executives; so, we normally advise them, yes, nobody is stopping you from working hard in your but take to rest.

“If maybe you stay for four, five hours in your seat, take a walk, maybe take your coffee, take your water and just have a rest; don’t work throughout seven days in a week.

“Your mouth can be clean but the stress that is inside you bring the bad breath and that one is very difficult to cure because is you that cure .

“So we advise that if you are a mellow down because the work still continue even if you are there, so you take one thing at a .’’

Abraham, therefore, urged Nigerians to always take time to rest after working hours to promote good health. (NAN)[eap_ad_4]