Expect hitch-free flight operations from April 1st – NIMET

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The Meteorological Agency, NiMet, has assured airlines and a hitch-flight operation from 1st April 2021.

The assurance came following recent flight delays and cancellation as a result the hazy weather conditions experienced and central parts the country in the last few days.

Giving reasons for the dust haze, the Central Forecast Office (CFO), the Agency in a release on Wednesday stated: “The dust event is as a result the passage the mid latitude wave which helped in strengthening the surface pressure the Sahara Desert region.”

“This activity resulted in the strengthening and intensification of the Saharan high-pressure cell, which progressively pushed down the Inter-Tropical Discontinuity (ITD), from a latitudinal position of 10.8 degrees north on Wednesday 24th to 7.8 degrees north on 30th of March, 2021.

“The dust is expected to persist till 1st of April when the Saharan high-pressure belt is projected to weaken and horizontal visibilities should improve to between 1-3 kilometers the extreme north.”

continued: “Following this, the region is then expected to experience sunny and slightly hazy conditions over the northern cities, while cloudiness to the south and parts of the central region.

“The implication of this is that should expect flight operations to run smoothly without fear of delay or cancellation from 1st April 2021 over the extreme north.”

The agency assured the general public and travellers of continuous update of the weather condition as unfolds.