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Experimenting With Objects Will Improve Creativity In Art Works – Akingbade


By Nkiru Ifeajuna

Lagos  –   A Visual Artist, Adeyinka Akingbade, on Monday urged fellow artists to experiment with different objects to improve on their creative art works.

Akingbade told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos that artists should believe in limitless boundaries in creating art works.

He said that creative thinking, motivation, self-confidence and ability to communicate effectively with others enhance creativity and growth.

“The art provides us with problem-solving skills; innovative mind-sets, communication attitudes and inspirations that will help us to create technological know-how for the nation’s growth.

“The art has become the butt of banalities about everyday life, cohesive communities, good society and for a buoyant economy,’’ Akingbade said.

He said he had always loved to highlight unique features, which one would normally overlook but on second look meant something.

“Working with graphic design actually gave birth to using scraps of paper in my art.

“I thought of recycling the excess paper waste that is produced during printing.

“I often look at the vibrant digital prints on paper and their unusual hues inspire me to start creating works.

“I see a paper as a unique representation of my graphic design and printing profession, which I believe should somehow reflect in my work,’’ he said.

The artist said that lately, he had started experimenting with rubber.

“I needed something tough and elastic, which in a way, also represents the need for dedication and flexibility as an artist.

“In the past, I created works with used film reels from my photography shots and I think my work speaks about who I am and what I do,’’ he said.

Akingbade, however, said that creativity arose from a complex synthesis of abstract knowledge, inner drive and the secret is that “I practice a lot and it has really aided my flexibility and skill’’.

He said that one must pass through the basics of drawing before following one’s passion.

“I still draw realistic portraits and my `deft hand’ is still intact,’’ he said.

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