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Expert attributes sudden death to low blood sugar


Abuja  –  Dr Solomon Anoti, an Abuja-based medical practitioner with a private hospital, on Thursday, said low blood sugar could lead to sudden death.

Anoti told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja that low blood sugar could make patient to go into coma.

He said the condition affect mostly diabetic patients due to the lack of sugar in their system as they tried to avoid the consumption of sweet foods because
they have high sugar level.

According to him, low blood sugar can be as a result of excessive consumption of alcohol without eating well, or being more physically active than usual.

He said skipping meals and some form of medications such as insulin treatment could also cause low blood sugar.

He added that “if you are diabetic and feel dizzy, weak, feeling shaky, have headaches, pale skin, it could be an indication of low blood sugar in the body.

“Poor vision, lack of co-ordination or concentration, numbness in the mouth and tongue and feeling faint are also factors associated with low blood sugar.”

Anoti said that preventing low blood sugar was important to both diabetic and non-diabetic persons and stressed the need for regular blood sugar test to know when one was at risk in order to take prompt action.

“Exercise is another important measure to check the condition.

“Eating at least three evenly spaced meals each day with between-meals snacks as prescribed by a doctor is also important in preventing low blood sugar.”

The physician added that following a meal plan and eating meals not more than four to five hours apart could help in checking the disease and
advised patients with the ailment to always double -check their insulin and dose of diabetes medicine before taking it to avoid developing low blood sugar.

He mentioned that treatment for low blood sugar could be achieved by a doctor evaluating the medicines taken if it was caused by too much of insulin. (NAN)

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