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Expert counsels parents on how to save convulsing children


Abuja – Dr Hassan Adelakun, Managing Director, Angel and Eagle Global Rescue Services Ltd, on Monday advised parents on precautionary measures in saving the life of convulsing children.
Giving the advice in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja, he cautioned mothers against the idea of forcing spoon on the mouth of a convulsing child.
Adelakun, who attributed the causes of convulsion to include epilepsy and fever-related diseases, however, blamed the death of the patient on mismanagement of the crises.
He noted other mismanagement of convulsion to include force feeding, putting oil, salt and spoon into their mouth, adding that such action could complicate the crises thereby leading to their untimely death.
Adelakun recommended the removal of those things that can injure the affected children while having jacking movement and avoiding forcing the spoon against their tongue as a precautionary measure.
The expert, however, decried the general practice of forcing the spoon against the tongue of the patient when the patient is clenching the teeth against the tongue.
He explained that clenching the teeth against the tongue does not kill patient, adding that as soon as the crisis is over the patient would automatically open his teeth.

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Adelakun, who identified one of the causes of convulsion as febrile (the hotness of the body) said when it occurred you deep cloth in cold water to mop their body.
According him, cooling down the temperature would in a long way revive the convulsing child.
“There are one thousand and one causes of convulsion, it could be epilepsy, fever related, among others. The most important thing is that not the convulsion that usually kill children but what we do immediately it occurs.
“As soon as it occurs you see people force feeding the child, trying to put urine, oil, salt in their mouth and those things will now go to their chest and complicate their problem.
“At the event of convulsion so far they are not clenching their teeth against the tongue there is no need to force open the tongue.
“Even if they are clenching the teeth against the tongue force open the tongue then put a paddled wooden or table spoon coated with a handkerchief so that they do not injure their tongue.
“But once the teeth is clench do not worry because is not the clenching of teeth that kill them but most convulsion are self limiting, it stop by itself,’’ Adelakun advised.
NAN reports that Angel and Eagle Global is an American heart association training centre in basic life support, a training site for advance cardiovascular life support , among others. (NAN)

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