Expert tasks youths on entrepreneurial skills

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ABUJA – A former President, Economic Society, Prof. Akin Iwayemi, advised youths acquire entrepreneurial skills instead of embarking endless search for white-collar jobs.

Iwayemi gave advice in an with News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja.

“What am saying is that our youths should think of what they can do for themselves rather than taking their Curriculum Vitae government offices in search of jobs,’’ he said.

He advised borrow a leaf developed countries, particularly China, where youths were involved in entrepreneurial activities such as of cell phones and software.

According to him, the of people entering the labour market each year are more than two million and we are growing rapidly as a people.

“We are the largest in Africa and our population is ever growing.

“So many people will be entering the labour market but the is creating many jobs to cater for them, therefore, jobs are adequate,’’ Iwayemi said.

He also said that there the for different stakeholders to be involved in solving the problem of unemployment in the country by creating job opportunities.

According to him, the Federal, State and Local Governments have their roles to play in addition to the between the private and public sectors to solve the problem.

“The development partners and civil society groups all have roles to play.

“It is a multi dimensional task that should involve all the stakeholders and each should do what best he can do.

“There is for all stakeholders to work together because it is common interest for to deal with the youth unemployment,’’ Iwayemi said. (NA