Expert urges Nigerians to improve personal hygiene to repel infections

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personal hygieneABUJA – Dr Machu Abraham, the Managing Director, Graceland Oral and Medical Care , said on Wednesday that could repel infections if they improved their personal hygiene.

Abraham told the News Agency of (NAN) in Abuja that Nigerians could improve their personal hygiene if they used hand sanitisers and disinfectants for bathing.

He said that such cleansers had the potency to ward off diseases such as the Virus. “Hand sanitiser is very effective in avoiding the virus (ebola) because is encouraged that every place should have the hand sanitiser.

“If you are going in and going out so long as you have contact with people, if you shake hands because the African culture say if you see your brother or sister you can shake.

“You can’t avoid it but that hand sanitiser for now is very effective. So it is encouraged even at home and public places put in. [eap_ad_2] “When you come in and go out just use it to rub your hands that would stop the virus from getting in contact with your hands.

“Then washing hand initially is very important, any you go to the lure, wash your hands, when you go out wash your hands, once you have contact with people wash your hands.

“It is very important especially with running water, if you don’t have the running water get a clean water wash your hands with soap that is what it is taught now and it is encouraged.

Abraham advised Nigerians to remain calm in spite of the growing unease caused by the presence of the Ebola Virus in the country.

“Nigerians should not be panicking because everything that has a beginning has an end.

“Once you sure that that culture of personal hygiene is imbibed in you, forget about it; we should avoid panicking, panic stories, and rumors; they kill faster than even the virus.“[eap_ad_3]