Experts advise young couples to seek early medical intervention on infertility

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LAGOS – Some gynecologists in Lagos on Sunday advised couples had been married for more than six months to one year without conception to seek help from fertility experts.

The experts, spoke to the News Agency of (NAN), insisted that In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) needed to risks due to late conception.

IVF is the fertilisation of an ovum by mixing it sperm in a laboratory after which the fertilised egg is implanted in the uterus to continue normal development.

Dr Tunde Okewale, a Consultant Gynaecologist at St. Ives Specialist Hospital in Lagos, noted that the problem of infertility fast becoming a serious problem in the country.

Okewale said that advanced fertility treatment such as IVF had been helpful to more patients to overcome infertility problems.

He, however, linked ignorance and religious beliefs as factors affecting many couples’ approach to infertility problems.

“Too many couples seeking medical help early for infertility problems contradict religious belief and faith system.

“These couples finally present themselves for medical in 40s when it is more difficult to treat what could have been a simple problem in late 20s or early 30s.

“There is a real danger that infertility could become an epidemic problem in our society due to a combination of many socioeconomic, and life style issues afflicting our society.

“Until our governments see infertility as a problem and subsidise its cost, many treatable infertility problems will remain us, hence contributing to the rise of infertility and its attendant problems,” he said.

Another Specialist, Dr Adegbite Ogunmokun of Eko Hospital, Lagos, said IVF used to assist couples have difficulties in producing embryo due to infertility problems or age.

“IVF is also called assisted reproduction,’’ he said, adding that: “It can be regarded as a natural process of conception done outside the human body’’.

Ogunmokun identified the major challenges of the IVF process as lack of interest by patients to accept the procedure or believe in the process.

He said that though IVF was quite expensive due to specialised equipment and , couples faced fertility crises be encouraged to embrace the procedure.

Ogunmokun said that there was usually a 30 per cent success rate of IVF. (NAN