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F..k you, Donald Trump: Covid-19 almost killed me, By Azuka Jebose


Yes, I am Back home from the ICU, after 12 days fighting for my life, almost snatched by covid 19.
On my birthday!!!!

More than 120 thousand deaths in the United States, over 2.5 million infected, including me and my wife: As I leave the intensive care unit to my comfortable home these finest hours, I just want this iconic middle finger as a defiance to Donald Trump and his fake covid 19 disinformation peddling. This shit is real.

You will die listening to Donald Trump.


My prayer is that you or one of your children gets infected by coronavirus and perhaps, gets hammered by the deadly virus, perhaps then, you would respect our lives as citizens of the world, perhaps you would stop doubting science and being arrogantly ignorant to this pandemic, decimating our existence.

Coronavirus is operating under its own rules and time: there is not a damn thing we can do about it because of a deranged self serving narcissistic Lost leader of our country, Moron Donald Trump, who, depending on how he woke up in the morning, rants his stupid and unfounded imagination with regards to covid 19, playing politics with a national tragedy. If we all died, who then would vote for you? Who would become a country and whom would you lead?

Donald Trump is a dumb and demented bastard.

Take a look at my ravaged hand and the needle pokes. It tells the painful and palpable fights with the disease the past 12 days: the ivys, the remdesivir treatments and other drugs that tear-dropped all day to save my lungs. Imagine the amazing doctors and nurses, dedicated infectious disease experts in the frontline of this deadly disease, yet your selfish and inhuman fake idol, the real enemy of the people, Donald Trump minimizes this threat to our planet earth and some later day religious thugs follow and believe him. I pray corona plague all of you doubters.

I am a stubborn and crazy father. My daughters are my treasure island. They understand everything about me. I never hide my weaknesses, failures or life’s challenges. Most times I do not wish to disturb their exciting lives. Being a dad shouldn’t be a burden to your children and family. Our bonds are beyond any imagination. Me, I kuku sabi how to be goofy. But my daughters have amazed me the past 12 days. They took over my life and my wife’s. The leader of my Bandits, my precious Ada, Nneka, organizes her sisters as astounding care givers, affectionate harassers, decision makers for their dad as I struggled with my lungs and beating the deadly virus. They took over my life, constantly checked in and talked to the doctors, told my stories on social media, called for prayers and reassured my friends and followers; kept my ideals of life and existence, blazing. Oh My daughters. Now you know them..

So let this middle finger stick out loudest. In the coming days, I shall chronicle surviving coronavirus. But today, I am home, nursing a weak lung but hopeful that you will stay with me!

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