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Fans express surprise as Dolly Parton announces renewal of marriage vows


Abuja –  A cross section of country music fans in Nigeria have expressed surprise at the announcement of renewal of marriage vows by award winning country music star, Dolly Parton and her husband, Carl Dean.

The 70-year-old legendary country star recently revealed that she and her 73-year-old businessman husband would celebrate their 50th anniversary with a big wedding as the initial one they had was very small with a low budget.

This had come as a surprise to fans as the star’s 49-year-old marriage always appeared on the brink of disaster.

This was due to rumours of infidelity with celebrities like Sylvester Stallon, Burt Reynolds and Judy Ogle who were known as her assistant and best friend made headlines in the past.

Fans had also speculated that the country star and her businessman husband were having marital issues as Deen had ever hardly been seen in public places and private events with Parton.
Although, Parton had always stated that Dean did not enjoy the glamour and spotlight that Nashville and Hollywood had to offer.

Victor Inyang, a country music fan told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja on Thursday that he was impressed with the fact that the country music star could sustain his marriage for such a long time.

“I would have never imagined that a star of that level could hold a successful marriage for five decades.

“This gives me hope and makes me believe once again in the concept of a successful marriage.” Inyang said.

Ebube Orji, an event planner expressed excitement on the successful marriage of the star, adding that she had set a remarkable example for people of all walks of life.

“I love Dolly’s music as it always goes well with many events, especially weddings.

“She is a platinum recording singer, producer and entrepreneur which means she is an extremely wealthy and busy lady, yet she was able to make room for her husband who loved her for who she was.

“And not for the money, as he has been with her even before her first album.

“If such a woman who has everything in life could put her head down and dedicate herself to her marriage, what is the excuse that all these other women have for just filing for divorce without thinking twice?”

“Dolly Parton is definitely a wonder woman and a role model,’’ Orji added.

Another fan of the singer, Sharon James the renewal of their vows had further increased her respect for the star.

“If you are a fan like me of Dolly, you will know that her husband is a loner and kind of awkward.

“I have heard people make fun of their relationship a couple of times and I am sure it hurts them, but they were strong enough to stand for their love and stick together for five decades.

“This has shown me that love is worth fighting for, no matter how people make fun or tease your spouse or your marital situation.

“As far as you are happy with the person, you should stand by him/her and defend that person till your death,” James said. (NAN)

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