Farm consultant urges poultry farmers on appropriate feeds

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LAGOS – Mr Akin Babatunde, the farm consultant, Fountain Poultry Nigeria Ltd, Lagos, has urged poultry to administer the right feeds to eradicate distorted growth in birds.

Babatunde told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos that at every stage of rearing birds, there was appropriate feed to be administered, to ensure maximum development.

He said that failure to do so might result in distorted development and high mortality at the point of egg production..

“We have noticed that poultry farmers are beginning to complain of low productivity and high mortality.

“There is a feed for every bird at every stage of its life. Farmers do not know this and it is really affecting production. `

`A bird that is not fed the right and proper food cannot eggs and the growth of the bird will be distorted too.

“Particularly with respect to the ‘layers’, it gets to a stage when the farmer wants birds to produce eggs and might not know the cause when they cannot.”

He advised poultry farmers against buying birds from sellers or hawkers along the roads did not have the fundamental knowledge of rearing the birds.

Babatunde observed that the hawkers might not be able to administer the right medication and feed at every stage from when the bird was a day . (NAN)