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Fashion designer urges artistes to dress modestly


LAGOS – One of the nation’s renowned designers, Frank Osodi, on Monday advised artistes in the fashion industry to dress modestly and be “trend setters“ in order to portray Africa positively.

Osodi, who gave the advice in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos, stressed the need for artistes to understand that certain events required certain modes of dressing that would not attract negative publicity.

Osodi designed the dress that Agbani Darego wore when she was crowned Miss World in November 2001.

“Actors and actresses should be a bit more like trend setters and not like over the top and except when it’s an event, I think.

“Even at that they should be a bit more because of where we are living in; we leave in Africa, Nigeria precisely.“

He urged artistes to consult with their designers to ensure that they were packaged appropriately for the event they would be attending.

“Some of these artistes do not sit down with designers and discuss what the way forward is and what should be on the red carpet.

“Designers need to look at the artiste, think of the personality behind the artist and dress the personality up not necessarily the person on the outside.

“So, you need to package your artistes so that they can reflect who they are in the inside; that is the whole essence of you being a stylist.“

He also called on the media to act as a “fashion police“ to correct artistes with a poor sense of fashion for better appearances at events. (NAN)

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