FCT Police laud RoLAC over training on investigation

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By Aderogba George

Abuja – The FCT Police Command on Friday lauded the Rule of Law and Anti-Corruption (RoLAC) training of its officers on investigation of criminal suspects.

The command called for a replication of such training across formations in the country.

News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that RoLAC organised three days training on Investigation and Sensitisation on Rule of Law for officers within the FCT.

RoLAC programme is funded by the EU and managed by the British Council.

NAN reports that 119 officers from across the FCT police command participated in the training on Wednesday, while another batch of 44 participated on Thursday and Friday.

Mr Peter Omenka, Programme Officer, RoLAC said the training was aimed at acquainting the police with modern practice of recording statement of suspects on video.

Omenka said that it was to enable the FCT police have the knowledge of tendering evidence in court as exhibit during trial through interview, interrogation of suspects and recording of their statement.

This is according to the provision under the Administration of Criminal Justice Act of 2015.

Sgt. Dolly Iyare of Bwari Division, FCT, said that the training was interesting and educative, while commending the organisers, she called for a replication across police formations.

“If this kind of training can be coming once in a while, it will create a forum where the problems we are experiencing on the job while carrying out investigative duty with the public are made known and solution proffered.

“This kind of training will afford the Nigeria Police to measure up with their counterparts in other countries,” she said.

Iyare said that such training would provide an opportunity to know what to do at a particular time in this present age of prosecuting cases.

“In a situation whereby a particular case is going on, you as a police officer in the Nigerian setting is always intimidated either by your superior or by the citizens you are serving.’’

She said that the intimidation would follow as a way of trying to exonerate their person involved in a case and as way of trying to pervert the course of justice; they try to intimidate the investigator.

“You know when these kinds of things are going on, you will know what to do at a particular time because we share experience.’’

Sgt. Kumode Ozovehe from Dutse Alhaji, Division said that officers on investigation were usually faced with a lot of challenges in carrying out their duties and in compliance with the principle of investigation.

He said that the Nigeria Police were putting more efforts at ensuring that investigations were successful.

“In some stations where we do not have video and information gadget to ensure the effectiveness of the job, we are often faced with difficulties.’’

He said that IGP, Mr Muhammed Adamu was doing his best to ensure that certain equipment were provided for the police to aid investigation.

Sgt. Asekun Samsudeen from Lugbe Division said the training would impact on his job as a detective, adding that he had garnered more knowledge about investigation.

Samsudeen said he now possessed the requisite technical know-how to do his investigation, adding that such training must be replicated across the country to aid effectiveness of Nigeria police.


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