Home Entertainment Some FCT residents say `aseobi’ ensures identification, bonding at events, others disagree

Some FCT residents say `aseobi’ ensures identification, bonding at events, others disagree


Abuja  –   Some couples in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) say wearing of asobi to social functions ensures easy identification and bonding for families.

The couples spoke to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in separate interviews in Abuja on Friday.

However, others disagreed with the idea, saying it was no longer in vogue.

Asoebi is a popular uniformed attire worn by couples and family members at special events.

According to some of them, the idea of couples wearing aseobi should be sustained.

Mrs Grcae Aniekan, an entrepreneur reaffirmed that wearing of asoebi by couples was still in vogue.

“Asoebi identifies a man, woman in public as one and there is this beauty that comes with it.
“It also gives them an edge when they appear in public; it is a way of bonding for the couple.

“These days you even find out that couples dress their children in the same attire which makes it a family thing.

“Although asoebi is majorly a common thing during weddings, church services and other social functions, it is good.’’

She added that the wearing of asoebi among couples depicts love, stating that it should be encouraged among young and would-be-couples.

Mr Shuaibu Baba, a teacher in the FCT had a different view from the others.

According to him, women encourage asoebi majorly because they want to be identified with their husbands in public.

“I don’t think wearing uniforms among couples is still common today, because fashion changes every day and it is kind of utdated.

“To me, it doesn’t change anything in the life of the couples, love and intimacy is majorly a mindset thing.

“You can decide to wear asoebi for the society to notice you, but any of the couples that decide to be promiscuous can still do that.

“I will rather say couples should understand themselves and have a peaceful relationship with or without wearing asobi.”

Another resident, Mrs Blessing Richard said she disliked the idea of wearing asoebi, adding that it was more of a cultural practice.

Richard added that she was left with no option but to like the idea, as her husband loved the idea.

She said that it was predominant in the Western part of the country and was used to identify newly wedded couples.

However, she stated that it was a way of bringing families together and preserving the African culture.

Miss Chioma Udoh, a textile dealer observed that asoebi does not determine oneness in marriage, but just a mere societal show-off.

She enjoined couples to engage in practices that could build a solid marital relationship than dressing to be identified in public. (NAN)

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