Fed Govt: attacks on security agents, stations declaration of war

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Federal Government yesterday declared that of operatives amounted to a declaration of war on country.

government warned that “overwhelming force’ would be used against perpetrators of such heinous crime.

reassured Nigerians that was not “overwhelmed” by worsening and called on media to douse “pervasive tension” caused by .

Minister of and Culture Lai who stated this at a news conference in Lagos, said the government was to prosecute 400 suspects arrested for allegedly terrorism funding.

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said was regrettable that personnel were been subjected to “mindless” attacks by gunmen in order to instill fear in people and create a sense of .

He appealed to Nigerians to support agents, who face the added task of having to watch their backs while protecting others.

The minister said: “Now, there is a growing dangerous trend which I will like to comment on. is the practice of launching deadly attacks against the nation’s security personnel. Soldiers, , Customs officials and other have been killed and maimed in some parts of the country in this growing trend of targeting security forces.

“I want to say, unequivocally, that any attack on security men and is an attack on the state and a declaration of war on the nation. It follows, therefore, that this will be countered with overwhelming force.

“Whether known or unknown gunmen, those engaged in this dastardly act will pay dearly for their actions.

“When those whose responsibility it is to protect us are themselves being subjected to mindless attacks, it can only be for one reason only; To instill fear and evoke a sense of pervasive insecurity among the people.”

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Mohammed appealed to the media “to play your part in dousing the pervasive tension while government continues with efforts to restore and security.”

“While the media must continue to carry out its primary responsibility to inform, criticise and stimulate debate, it must also realise that it can only carry out this responsibility in an atmosphere of and security.”

Reiterating the commitment of Buhari’s administration to tackling insurgency, banditry, and other security threats, the minister described the planned prosecution of the 400 terror suspects as “unprecedented.”