Femi Fani Kayode: The grave allegations of Stephen Davis

I read, in the August 29 edition of Thisday Newspaper, the grave allegations made by an Australian by the name of Mr. Stephen Davis about those that he believes are behind Boko Haram.

He made some very serious allegations; he mentioned names and I would be interested in seeing the hard evidence that he claims to have. I have always said that I believe that anyone, no matter which political party that person belongs to and no matter how highly placed or powerful that person may be, that is involved with Boko Haram ought to be captured, caged, flogged and brought to justice because I regard such people as nothing but bloodthirsty beasts.

I have also always said that I believe that some of the leading members of the opposition All Progressives Congress, APC, are secret sponsors and supporters of Boko Haram and I am glad that Mr. Davis appears to share this view and that he has indeed confirmed my worst fears in his celebrated interview with Arise TV.

Similar concerns have been raised and allegations made about the suspicious nexus, the direct link and the questionable relationship between APC and Boko Haram by senior Members of Parliament in the British House of Commons together with a number of leading Russian and American civil and religious institutions, organisations, commentators and political figures.

It is therefore good news that Mr. Davis has confirmed some of our collective suspicions and fears and that he has decided to come out and tell us what he knows given the role that he played in the negotiations to broker a deal to get the Chibok girls released from Boko Haram. I have little doubt that, on the allegation that the APC and Boko Haram are linked, Mr.Davis is absolutely right.

I am not however convinced on the culpability of one or two of the other people that he has fingered. No one should be spared if the evidence is really there but I must say that I find the allegation that, for example, the former Chief of Army Staff, General Azubuike Ihejirika, is somehow involved with Boko Haram a little far-fetched.

I say this because firstly, the man spent so much of his time, energy, career and resources fighting that same terrorist organisation that he is now being accused of being part of.

Secondly, I say it because that terrorist organisation has killed and continues to kill so many of his own officers and men. And thirdly, I say it because the man is not a Muslim but a Christian and I have never heard of a Christian helping or assisting an Islamist terrorist organisation in their quest to establish an Islamic fundamentalist state or ”new world caliphate” in his country.

This is especially so when that terrorist organisation is committed to wiping out the Christian faith itself and killing every Christian, every secularist and every moderate Muslim in the country. It seems to me that this is an absurd notion and that it really doesn’t make any sense but if the Australian has any hard evidence let us see or hear it.

Again, I disagree strongly with the leading figures in the opposition that have said that the Federal Government and the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP are the ones behind Boko Haram. I say this because those individuals know very well that the APC as a party have far more sympathy for Boko Haram and far many more of their leaders and members have spoken up for and in defence of Boko Haram than anyone else.

On Friday, August 29, in Thisday Newspaper, one of those leaders said that the Senator from Borno State that was facing terrorism charges was ”a PDP member”. This is not true. The Senator that he was referring to is Senator Ndume and he is in the APC and not the PDP.

Quite apart from that, certain things need to be noted. Let me remind those that are pointing fingers at the PDP today that it was not a member of the PDP or the Federal Government that, some time in 2013, said Boko Haram should not be proscribed as an organisation, even after they had slaughtered no less than 15,000 innocent Nigerians in cold blood. It was rather the official spokesman of the APC, Lai Mohammed, who said so.

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