FG Approves Promotion, Upgrade Of 6,332 NCoS Officers

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Nigeria’s has given his approval for the promotion of 6,332 officers of the Correctional Service.

The Civil Defence, Corrections, Fire and Immigration Services Board (CDCFIB) gave the approval in letter No. CDCFIB/S.004/Vol.111/79 of 10th May 2021 and signed by the Director/Secretary of the Board, Aisha Rufai.

Public Relations Officer of NCoS, Mr Francis Enobore, in a statement on Wednesday in Abuja, said the benefitting officers were those on Consolidated Paramilitary Salary Structure (CONPASS) 07-16 who passed the 2020 promotion examination and satisfied other criteria set by the Board.

Enobore added that those that acquired degree certificates after obtaining due approval for further studies and are qualified for upgrading also benefitted from the exercise.

According to the statement, those promoted from the rank of Controller of Corrections (CC) to Assistant Controller General of Corrections (ACG) are CC Oluwasemire Isaac Segun, CC Aminu Sule Zakirai, CC Inechi Moses Nnamdi and CC Akpanamah Helen.

A total of 31 Deputy Controllers of Corrections (DCC) were also promoted to the rank of CC while 72 Assistant Controllers of Corrections (ACC) were elevated to DCC.

Others include 131 Superintendents of Corrections (CSC) promoted to ACC; 345 Superintendents of Corrections (SC) promoted to the rank of CSC and 519 Deputy Superintendents of Corrections (DSC) elevated to SC. Also promoted were 535 Assistant Superintendents of Corrections 1(ASC1) to the rank of DSC while 1,101 ASC 11 were promoted to ASC 1. In the inspectorate cadre, 1,139 officers were equally promoted to the rank of ASC 11.

In the same vein, the Controller-General of Corrections, Haliru Nababa, in his capacity, approved the promotion of 2,455 junior officers. This brings the total number of officers and men promoted to 6,332.

In his congratulatory message, the CG charged the beneficiaries to justify the elevation through value-added service, noting that promotion naturally attracts higher responsibility which must be handled with devotion.