FG Debunks Rumour About Madagascar Billing Nigerian €170,000 For COVID19 Herbal Syrup

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The Secretary to the Government of the (SGF) and Chairman of the Presidential Task (PTF) on COVID-19 pandemic, Boss Mustapha has denied knowledge of Madagascar demanding 170,000 Euros from the Federal Government for herbal drugs which arrived the country days ago.

Mustapha reacted to claim of the Nigerian government being asked to €170,000 for the Madagascar herbal mixture delivered to on Saturday 16, by the visiting President of Guinea Bissau Umaro Sissoco Embalo, said same mixture was taken to other African countries without an invoice.

According to him, when he took delivery of the sealed herbal mixture, he was not handed an invoice, which would have indicated if there was a cost.

He said;

terms of the question of whether it comes a cost. It was handed to me without an invoice so I assume it doesn’t come a cost.

“That’s my assumption. For that, I think the Madagascar issue and the Chinese issue should be laid to rest.

“I think we have said repeatedly hear that we did not ask for the Madagascar consignment, it was given by the government of Madagascar to African countries as contribution to wanting to find solution to the COVID-19 pandemic and we have repeatedly said our consignment and those of West African countries, was dropped off at Guinea Bissau and that we were making arrangements to go and airlift it.

“As God would have it, of Guinea Bissau decided to visit our President last Saturday and when he was coming, he came our consignment of five cartons and those five cartons were delivered to me yesterday the evening, sealed, without a bottle out of it.

“I’m going to engage the has the responsibility of validation, his institutions that are chartered by law to do that.

was upfront that even when he took delivery of it from of Guinea Bissau.

“He said it quite clear of what we are going to do with the consignment would be guided by science, under the processes of validation, we’ll now know where to go.”

The SGF further disclosed that the COVID-19 pandemic has exposed the weaknesses all systems of the world, even of the so-called superpowers, stated that it would be a huge mistake for Nigerians to desire to go back to old ways.

Mustapha Added;

“If we do not learn anything from COVID-19 and build institutions that will be enduring and sustainable, we would have failed the next generation.

after COVID-19 will not be our normal type of again. COVID-19 has come and it has disrupted everything you know as normal and the benefit of that distraction is that we will begin to put on our thinking cap and begin to address differently because it has exposed the weaknesses in all systems.

“It’s not only the Nigeria that has been exposed, even the big countries with very big economies, COVID-19 has exposed every gap in systems; of health, their social safety nets, their governance have all been disrupted and I can assure you that after COVID-19, at the individual level, at the community level, at the state level, at the national level, we will begin to do things differently. It cannot be business as usual again.”