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FG Gives Update On Community Policing As Regard To N-power Job


The federal Government of Nigeria recently gave an info concerning community policing recruitment.It’s an obvious fact that FG is considering using Npower Volunteers for community policing,which necessitated why volunteers were provided with transition iconic platform where they are at liberty to make their choice of preferences,be it community policing,teaching or field agents Jobs.Majority of volunteers chose community policing and quite a number of them also preferred teaching job with UBE.

From volunteers perception,it seems the selection process where done haphazardly and without giving enough time for thousands of volunteers to make their choice.Some has selected their choice while some hasn’t.Those who are yet to make selection has been waiting patiently for the transition icon to appear again in order to make their transition choice but to no avail.

This prompted one jimor Adebayor to forward a message to the Npower Twitter handle saying “so beneficiaries are no longer entitled to community policing gain”? Npower official quickly responded and said “issues of community policing will be handled at its due time”

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