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FG Targets Q2 2018 To Supply Text Books To Schools


By Chibuike Nwabuko

Abuja (Sundiata Post) — The Universal Basic Education Commission (UBEC) has announced that all text books needed by every Nigerian child in public basic schools would be supplied before the end of 2nd quarter of 2018.

Hamed Bobboyi, the Executive Secretary of the Commission, said this in Abuja, while speaking to journalists on the need to focus on Nigeria child and improving on quality of public basic schools across the country.

Bobboyi informed that provision of text books to pupils in the basic schools is the responsibility of the Federal Government and that the distribution of the books will not be done on installmental basis.

“By 2nd quarter of next year, we would have supplied every text book that is needed by every Nigerian child in public schools, there is need to focus on Nigerian child. It is the responsibility of the Federal Government to make sure that text books are supplied to the children in public schools. The distribution will not be done on pro-rata or installmental basis,” the Executive Secretary said.

He added that not only Mathematics and English language text books would be supplied, but all other core subjects inclusive.

Speaking on quality in public basic schools, the UBEC Executive Secretary said, quality must not be neglected.

He emphasised the need to institute model public schools where states would ensure right teacher ratio to pupil ratio, adequate availability of instructional materials and usage of modern technologies like smart boards.

Bobboyi lamented on the issue of the high figure of Out Of School Children, saying that Nigeria ought to be in the class of Malaysia and Korea on basic education system.

He stressed the need to build an entire different system whereby ideas of modern public schools with quality will be mainstreamed in the Nigerian basic school system.

“Realising this will be new phase for basic education for the future of Nigeria.

“We need to build an entire different system, the kind of institutions that can move the entire education system forward in Nigeria,the world is moving, and nobody is waiting for us, and UBEC is worried that we are lagging behind.

“Nigerians need to believe in our system, we have the capacity, the human resources, and if we judiciously use the funds made available,we will move Nigeria to the cadre of Pakistan and Malaysia,” he added.

Bobboyi also identified the need to build the Nigerian education sector on strategic plan, noting that there is a need to develop plans to address key challenges facing basic education system in Nigeria.

“We need to be frank and address the key challenges, our hope is that all State Universal Basic Education Boards (SUBEBs) by the next one month will submit their strategic plan for further review by UBEC,” he added.

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