Filmmaker petitions police over alleged assault by Davido’s aides

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A filmmaker Ideh Chukwumah and his friend, David Tobi Nenuwa have petitioned the police over alleged assault by security aides of popular music star, Davido.

The petition by Litigation Associates behalf of Innocent and Nenuwa was addressed to Lagos Commissioner of Police.

It alleged that the filmmaker and his friend were mercilessly beaten by ’s security team at a Club Buzz at 30, Ademola Adetokunbo Street, Victoria Island, Lagos.

Part of the statement titled: ‘Strong petition against Music World Agent/Bouncers concerning savage and unprovoked attack Mr. Ideh Chukwumah Innocent And Mr. David Tobi Nenuwa,’ reads: “At a point one of our clients, Mr. Ideh Chukwuma Innocent, a very leading and prominent producer vacated his seat to the gentlemen’s room and on his return, he was rudely shoved and harassed by members of Adeleke’s entourage.

“However, conscious of his high standing in society as a role model and unwilling to be drawn into a public squabble with clearly inebriated rabble-rousers, our client ignored the rude assault and resumed his seat.

“Shockingly the aforementioned of Mr. Adeleke’s entourage ostensibly in a fit of drunken rage at Mr. Ideh Chukwumah Innocent for ignoring his jibes and shoves suddenly lunged at Mr. Ideh Chukwumah Innocent and struck Mr, Ideh Chukwumah Innocent in the face, smashing our client’s glass against our client’s face and spilling the contents of the glass our client’s tuxedo.

“Shocked, our client asked what all that was about, only to be greeted with more violent slaps and punches.

“When our other client, Mr. David Tobi Nenuwa, and other persons who were around tried to step in to save our client the violent assault being inflicted by our client by the said of Mr. Adeleke’s team, they were brutally attacked and brutally beaten by members of Adeleke’s security team and other members of Adeleke’s entourage.

“It took the strenuous intervention of the Buzz Bar management and Mr. Adeleke’s solicitor, Mr. Ajudua to bring the unprovoked violent attack our clients to a stop.”