Food markets open in Lagos despite curfew but prices increase over roadblocks

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food stuff
Food stuff

Despite the curfew, some markets in are gradually reopening as consumers desperately try to restock on food items following the curfew announcement that came unexpectedly.

BusinessDay observed cautiously trying to conduct their shopping as briskly as possible, in market areas that are also only operating skeletally as they attend to .

Opposite the Arena shopping complex in Oshodi, some foodstuff sellers were seen displaying their wares along the , even as a truck was seen offloading plantain bunches this afternoon.

The Mushin market also opened for skeletal activities, with foodstuff traders tomato, to vegetables and meat sellers opening for although in limited numbers. Yam traders along Alasalatu Street were also seen for , but were as much.

Along Market street which is right next to Wey Street in Mushin, more traders could be seen for although many stalls were . At all these opened market areas, increased between 50 and 100 percent, as tomato and pepper traders for instance said mounted by meant trucks had to part with more before conveying goods to them.

BusinessDay also learnt, although physically verified, that the Daleko Market, the country’s largest market for rice has also opened yesterday and today but only for brisk activities in the morning only.

Driving through most neighbourhoods, Abule Egba, through Ikeja to Mushin, and some parts of Surulere, residents go about their activities in few numbers even as a fewer number of have maintained and extorting users.