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Former Speaker advocates unicameral legislature in Nigeria


Abuja  –   Mr Nwoha Amaechi, former Imo Assembly Speaker on Wednesday reiterated calls for the practice of a one parliament structure in Nigeria, which he said would engender wealth creation and distribution.

Amaechi made the call in an interview with News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) while reacting to calls to scrap the senate.

He said that a single legislature in Nigeria would guarantee accountable representation of the people with its attendant economic benefits.

The former speaker, who frowned at the practice of bicameral legislature, said it had succeeded in wasting the country’s scarce resources.

‘’We must try to jettison those practices, be it political or cultural that have no peculiarities with our culture and economic realities.

‘’The Senate for instance is not representing the people, instead it is the House of Representatives that is truly for the people, so it is ideal to scrap one,’’ he said.

The former Speaker expressed dismay over the expensiveness of the country’s legislature, saying that it was proper to reduce it.

Amaechi said that the cost of maintaining the two chambers of the legislature was enough to stimulate the ailing economy.

He said that the style and structure of Nigeria’s legislature had deepened ‘’the culture of free money and unaccountability’’.

The former speaker, who called for creation of more constituencies, said that unicameral legislature was panacea to legislative corruption.

According to him, it is time for Nigerians to preserve the future of generations unborn by saving resources being wasted on two chambers.

‘’Since the two of them are doing one constitutional duty, is it not advisable to scrap one in order to save money.

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