Frustrated Customers React As GTBank Mobile Platform Crashes And Leave Disapointed

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, the most used bank in Nigeria, left its users frustrated and helpless as no activity could be carried out. Internet Banking, USSD, – nothing was working.

The situation led to a rage from the users on the Internet. The issue is currently the No 1 trending issue on Nigerian Twitter, users of the bank have tweeted severally on how the crash affected them and it’s affecting them.

Disappointed users narrated how they couldn’t do anything related to banking with the bank today. Some couldn’t eat, some couldn’t pay bills, some couldn’t log on to their apps, even ATMs were not working.

A GT bank user named Sunny said, “Thank God for Twitter. I actually thought one yahoo boy finally got my GTbank account details or something was going to make a transaction but it wasn’t working… Sad they’re about to lose Lotta revenue.”

A User with the Twitter handle Joshblizz tweeted “GTB has embarrassed me today. I’ve never been embarrassed in my life, gtbank you people will rot in hell.”

A user also said, “Dear GT bank, What is this for God sake I know I’m broke but at least let me spend my money in peace. I can’t even make transfer.” Another user tweeted “GT bank why are you people telling me no account was found with my number, tell me what kind of thunder you want? Cooked or per boiled? Because I need to make transfer and it’s not working.

Another user said, “Dear @gtbank @gtbank_help, your customer care numbers are not going through, I can’t login to my mobile banking app, can’t transact with 737 and I can’t make withdrawals, what’s going on?

David Seun Oguniyi, a GT bank user, said “All gtbank transaction and payment channels not going through seems some network downtime. But wondering why they aren’t saying anything about what’s happening or even when services will be restored. I have much more expectations than this from GT.”