Fuel, Electricity Hike: Protesters urge lawmakers to intervene

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A group of protesters on Wednesday staged a protest at entrance of the National Assembly complex in Abuja, calling on the lawmakers to prevail on the arm of government to reverse the recent hike in and the pump price of petrol.

protesters numbering about a dozen carried placards with inscriptions rejecting the new hike and as well calling a pay cut for politicians instead of subsidy removal.

protesters insist that the recent hike in the price of fuel and electricity tariff has led to unbearable inflation in of foodstuffs and services such as transportation.

Nwokoro Ejike, FCT Chairman, Committee for Defense Of Human Rights, who spoke on behalf of protesters described the fuel and electricity hike as illogical.

“It is illogical to increase fuel price and electricity tariff at such a time like this when masses are suffering. We reject this!. We are asking our government if they truly serve us. If they truly lead us they should ensure that these are reversed immediately.”

He concluded that Nigerians will only feel impact of government if these demands are met.

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