Fuel Subsidy Removal and Nigeria’s Bad Politics, By Samuel Ajayi

Whatapp News

No matter how incompetent Buhari is, if subsidy was removed in 2012, we won’t be like this today. When a nation does not know the limit of politicking, it is always doomed!

Those who led the vehement and acrimonious battle against Jonathan over subsidy removal in 2012 knew it was the way to go. But they chose to play POLITICS rather towing the line of PATRIOTISM.

Seven years after, we are back on same spot. We can NEVER sustain this subsidy regime for long anymore. It is not only stupid, it remains the most potent means of stealing public funds. Someone will bring in TWO MILLION litres of PMS and connive with DPR/NNPC officials to claim subsidy for FIVE MILLION litres!

We knew this in 2012 but we chose to play the POLITICAL OSTRICH.

All you always shouting “May Nigeria succeed”, know what the Bible says on Galatian 6 verse 7:

“God is not mocked…”

You cannot plant yam and harvest cassava.