Fulani will always revenge injustice, says El-Rufai

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were lose in planned bandits’ bombardment – El-Rufai
El-Rufai had been asked why he made comment and if Igbo would be justified take revenge on other Nigerians killed them during Biafran war.

In his response, governor said, “If a Fulani man dies in war, it is different. If a Fulani man is arrested by authorities and convicted, it is not an issue. What Fulani never forgets is when he is innocently targeted and killed and the authorities do nothing. He will never forget and he will come back for revenge. This is it.

“So, it is better understand the context given the context of what I tweeted which had do an issue in State in 2012. I hope you the context. So, it is not Fulani will never forget. Anyone goes pain and sorrow either forgets or doesn’t forget but when it is extrajudicial, when it is extra-, the attitude is completely different.

“This is the context in which Fulani never forgets. It is not in every context. As I said, I lost during the war. It doesn’t mean I still hold a grudge. We’ve moved past .”