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Genocide charges prepared for former Bolivian president Anez


Former Bolivian president Jeanine Anez could be facing charges of genocide, deadly assault, and serious assault, prosecutors said on Friday.

The charges relate to the deaths of 20 people during riots in November 2019, for which the prosecutors consider Anez responsible.

Anez ascended to the presidency in an interim role after former president Evo Morales fled the country amid allegations of an attempt to fix an election.

Much of her time in office was spent in trying to press charges against people affiliated with Morales.

However, an election last year brought a political ally of Morales into the presidency.

Since then, law enforcement has focused on Anez and her allies.

The parliament must still approve the charges against Anez.

A group of experts has already backed a report claiming that there were human rights violations in the confusion following Morales’ flight from Bolivia.

The report alleged that the police and security teams used excessive force trying to restore order following the disputed elections.

Morales and his left-wing supporters say the move to oust him was a coup.

But Anez’s conservative supporters say they were acting to prevent an attempt to rig the election.


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