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German fiancé of slain transgender woman leaves Philippines


MANiLA – The German fiancé of a slain Filipino transgender woman left the Philippines on Saturday, after being barred from flying out while being investigated for entering a restricted area in the military’s headquarters.

The Bureau of Immigration allowed the man to return to his hometown in Frankfurt, Germany, after the military dropped plans to file criminal charges against him for climbing a fence inside Camp Aguinaldo on Oct. 22.

It said that he was trying to get to an area where a U.S. Marine accused of killing his fiancée, Jennifer Laude, was supposedly being held.

Virgie Suarez, a lawyer for the Laude family, said the German would be automatically placed on the immigration bureau’s blacklist and not allowed to enter the Philippines due to his deportation.

However, she said that the German national wanted to return to check on the case against the U.S. marine, “so we will file the necessary petition as soon as possible.’’

The marine, Joseph Pemberton, is suspected in the killing of Laude, who was found dead in a motel room in the city of Olongapo on Oct. 11.

The German man has apologised for breaching security at the military headquarters and for shoving a soldier.

He said that he had no intention of disrespecting Philippines’ officials and laws, and was overtaken by emotion during the incident. (dpa/NAN)

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