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Germany’s CureVac expects results of vaccine trial in 2 months


Ravensburg – Lead Scientist Peter Kremsner, says the first results of a coronavirus vaccine clinical trial conducted by German biopharmaceutical company CureVac will be available within two months.

The trial, which started at the University of Tuebingen on Thursday, includes more than 100 voluntary test subjects aged between 18 and 60 and will ascertain the human body’s tolerance and immune response to the vaccine.

“It will be done quite swiftly,’’ Kremsner said of the trial on Friday.

The first test subject, a young woman, was administered the first dose of the vaccine on Friday and will be monitored for 24 hours to make sure that she doesn’t have an adverse reaction.

“If everything goes well with the first test subject, the next three will start on Monday, four to eight others will start on Wednesday, and it will increase from there,’’ Kremsner said.

Earlier this week, the German government announced it was acquiring a 300-million-euro (337-million-dollar) stake in CureVac.

Economy Minister Peter Altmaier said the acquisition was a bid by the German government to gain more independence from other countries in terms of access to a coronavirus vaccine.

Attempts by the U.S. government to acquire CureVac which were never formally confirmed by the White House made international headlines in March and unleashed a political backlash in Germany.

Media reports said the United States had offered one billion dollars for exclusive rights to a vaccine that the company is developing.


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