Global Peace Foundation tasks Nigerians to cultivate non-violence culture

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The Global Peace Foundation Nigeria (GPFN), an NGO, has urged Nigerians to cultivate the culture of non-niolence to promote tolerance and peaceful coexistence in the country.
Rev. John Hayab, GPFN’s Country Director, made the appeal in a statement to mark the 2021 International Day of Non-Violence, on Saturday in Kaduna.
Hayab said that the United Nations General Assembly on June 15, 2007, proclaimed Oct. 2, as the International Day of Non-Violence.
According to him, the Day seeks to promote civic culture in the way and manner people live and settle dispute.
Hayab urged the people irrespective of cultural, religious and regional dispositions, to cultivate the culture of non-violence in dealing with one another, especially when there is misunderstanding between them.
He said that the Foundation believed in the vision of the UN that Nigeria’s diversity should be as an asset, thereby making positive use of it to showcase good conduct in the way people relate with one another.
“The resolution by the UNGA invites all members of the UN system to commemorate Oct. 2, in an appropriate manner and disseminate the message of non-violence through education and public awareness.
“October 2, is Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday, the man thought as the father of and promoter of the non-violence approach in dispute resolution.
“Presently; the absence of a non-violence culture in many homes, communities and institutions led to the display of atrocious practices whereby people engage in killing, hacking and treats fellow humans in a way that even animals will not do to any of their kind.
“Besides, a violent society makes children think that the best way to get what they want is by the use of force instead of friendly attitude and dialogue,” Hayab said in the statement.
The Foundation, he said, stressed the need for Nigerians to denounce violent approach in dispute resolution at homes, communities and organisations as well as embrace tolerance in social interaction.
He said that the development of non violence approach in dispute resolution would check wife battering, halt killings and all forms of violence as well as encourage security forces to be more civic in dealing with the people.
“We are Family Under God.
“We are to teach our children at home and in schools to recognise and embrace non violent communication as a strategy of settling disputes for us to attain peaceful, equitable and sustainable world.” he said.