Go ahead, report me to Pope, Mbaka tells APC

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Reverend Father Ekije Mbaka, Spiritual , has called bluff All Progressives Congress by telling them go Rome and report him .

He said this in homily delivered during ministry’ Sunday Service May 2, 2021.

He said that he will be given accolades by the when he (the ) hears that he (Mbaka) is criticising a bad government.

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“The will clap for me if he hears that I am challenging a bad government in . So, the can go ahead and report me him.

“The Pope may even give me a I may not want handle,” he said.

The PUNCH had earlier reported that the secretary, Bulama, had threatened to report Rev Fr Ejike Mbaka to because he is not showing Christ-like behaviour, as Christ was subject to the government of the day and respected .