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Going Nude In Movies Is An Art But I Can’t Do It – Actress Queen Nwokoye


Nollywood star, Queen Nwokoye, is one of the few actresses who stay away from controversies and and she keeps her private life away from the public. Since she came into the movie industry, she has not been associated with any controversy of any form.
In these days where actresses do anything to be in the limelight, she has gone about her work with some form of dignity.
Even when she posted photos of her 10-year-old twin sons, many people were taken aback, wondering when she got married or whether she had the kids before coming into the industry.
But in an interview with Punch recently, Queen has stirred the hornet’s nest by admitting that actresses acting nude is an art form and should not be condemned since they are doing their jobs; though he said she can’t do it.
The Mother’s Secret star had this to say when the issue of nudity in movies came up: “Playing a role is an art; whichever one works for you, you can do it.
People have different ways of interpreting their roles. I do not condemn it.
As an art, you are free to interpret it if you are comfortable with it. But I am not comfortable with it and I will not do it.”

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