Goje was ‘useful’, Kalu was not! So Goje walked and Kalu gaoled, By Samuel O. Ajayi

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was not jailed because of any fight or because he is Igbo (as some ethnic irredentists are insinuating).

He was left to dry because the cabal does not need him and had actually never needed him.

If you know how “effective” ’s war is, take a look at Danjuma Goje, former Governor of Gombe State. Goje was hell bent on upturning the cabal’s plans as per the Senate Presidency.

He was mobilising former governors who had by then formed a bloc in the Senate. With simple majority, they could have scuttled Lawan’s ambition.

The cabal went to work. They knew Goje was standing trial for N25b fraud and what did they do? They negotiated with him and the guy lay down his conditions: get your off my back and I would withdraw from the race for the Senate Presidency!


On June 6, 2019, announced it was withdrawing from Goje’s case and the Office of the Attorney-General of the Federation would take over. Since then, nothing has been heard of the case SIX months after. And Lawan had a smooth ride into the Senate Presidency.

So Kalu who did everything (including taking title in Daura) to stave off conviction was of no use. could not make inroad into the Southeast.

He was dispensable. So Goje walked. At least for now. Kalu is gaoled.

If you think is fighting corruption, you are a clown.

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