Good intel will end Boko Haram – Ex-Army General

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A retired Brigadier of Nigerian Army, Idris Bello ,has said good intelligence gathering by Nigerian among others, is capable of bringing an end against .

He told Vanguard in an interview : “on issue of arrest & of some Nigerians in Dubai accused of wiring huge .

This is a very welcome development as it will serve weaken insurgents. By this act, one of main source of financing has been permanently blocked and so they will have less for weapon purchase and logistics. “This has been achievable due to excellent intelligence gathering probably over a long period of time.

This is a clear indication of how very important intelligence gathering is in the fight against insurgency and other security challenges.” “The issue of using Nigeria’ air space to rescue a American citizen is also heavily connected to good intelligence. The must been monitoring the situation for a while using both human & electronic mediums. ”

“The operation was made easier by the fact the the location was isolated. It would have been difficult if it were in a densely populated area. The also operated in liaison with the Nigerian and Nigerien my on the two issues,” he said.