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Group to Begin Nationwide Campaign in Support of Igbo Presidency


A group, One Nigeria Project, has revealed that it would commence a nationwide campaign for the support of Igbo presidency ahead of the 2023 elections.

The Public Relations Officer of the group, Mr. Lanre Oluwaniyi disclosed this in Abuja while addressing a press conference with the theme, “Power Rotation: Key Component for Nation Building and Equity.”

The group stressed that the One Nigeria Project advocates support for Igbo presidency come 2023 as a recipe for a continued united Nigeria.

It noted that since independence, and the advent of the democratic dispensation in Nigeria, all sections of the nation have had a shot at the presidency except the Igbo nation.

It said the North, South and West have at one time or the other been at the helm of affairs in the government of the nation, leaving the Igbos out of the equation.

It said: “This has raised several salient questions; is the Igbos not part of the Nigerian nation? Do the Igbos not have the capacity to rule? Don’t they have a say in the political equation in Nigeria?

“Unless this imbalance is resolved and the Igbo is given a shot at the presidency, the claim of which we believe they do, for they have the capacity and are very well in all fields all over the world.”

It noted that marginalisation, domination and exclusion would become apparent and create ample room for divisiveness and eventual disintegration of the country’s sovereignty.

It added: “It is against this backdrop that One Nigeria Project is embarking on a nationwide campaign for an Igbo presidency come 2023, to forestall a likely disintegration of our beloved country Nigeria.”

The group noted that as the 2023 election approaches, it was soliciting the support of all well-meaning Nigerians to join the struggle to keep Nigeria as one, while ensuring that political imbalances and visible aberrations are decisively addressed.

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