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Group urges FG to allocate Internet frequency on regional basis



LAGOS – The President of the Nigeria Internet Group (NIG), Mr Adebayo Banjo, on Sunday urged the Federal Government to issue Internet frequency licence on regional basis.

Banjo told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos that doing so would ensure the acceleration of Internet across the country.

He said the allocation of frequency on global level was not allowing Internet penetration to reach desired levels in Nigeria.

“Government policy of awarding global licence encourages anti -competitive activities among big and small operators and that can also lead to sabotage,’’ he said.

Banjo, who is also an Information Technology (IT) expert, called on the government to allow a level playing field, influence Internet penetration with a policy and help to protect innovations.

According to him, there is the need for government to manage problems affecting acceleration of Internet in Nigeria.

He identified such problems to include cost, speed, reliability and devices.

Banjo also appealed to the government to subsidise the Internet delivery cost and bandwidth for at least five years, noting that the subsidy would serve as an incentive and attract investors into the business.

“Until the house helps, motor-park touts and market women start browsing, we have not achieved the desired Internet penetration.

“With the exploding population of youths, one of the major problems we have is unemployment.

“One of those things that can create jobs in a country is the Internet; hence, the Internet can help government to create jobs,’’ he said.

Banjo said that India had unemployment and developmental issues like Nigeria but had leveraged on the huge potential provided by the Internet to solve them. (NAN)

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