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Group urges Nigerians to hold elected officers accountable


ABUJA- Orumba Rebirth Group has urged Nigerians to hold elected public office holders accountable on their campaign promises.

Dr Chibuike Echem, the Convener of the group said this in a statement made available to newsmen on Thursday in Abuja.

Echem, also the Convener of Princeton Leadership Forum, said this is because such promises convinced the electorate to elect such individuals into office.

“The Nigeria presidential election has opened the eyes of Nigerians to the fact that politics and elections are no longer business as usual in the country.

“It has opened the eyes of Nigerians to the fact that their votes actually counts when they come out to vote for their preferred candidates during elections.

“I commend Nigerians for their show of interest in choosing who governs them. They must hold these people accountable, as we, the Orumba Rebirth Group, are committed to holding elected leaders accountable,” he said.

Echem also said youths, who changed the 2023 voting dynamics, were saddled with the responsibilities of ensuring that elected officers delivered on their promises.

According to him, there is need to strongly commend the Nigerian youths for their show of interest in who governs them, our voices were loudly heard, our statement was very clear across the country and we can’t stop speaking now.

“The youths made a loud statement in the presidential and National Assembly elections.

“They clearly stated that election is no longer business as usual and we are awake now to challenge and defend every vote we cast in the last election.

“Our group will hold accountable every leader across the country, especially those in the 10th National Assembly from Anambra South, Orumba North and South Federal constituencies,” he said.

Echem said the group would call out leaders who failed to meet their campaign promises.

“Orumba Rebirth Group will ensure that the positions which should benefit the overall interest of the people will not be for the personal interest of a few.

“In the same manner in which the people came out massively to support and vote; we will also synergise to name and shame underperforming leaders.

“Everyone elected officer must know that the position is not a right but a privilege to demonstrate leadership skills in bettering the life of the people.

“We will not fail to support and praise all the good ideas and initiatives of leaders that will focus towards improving the livelihood, environment, education, health, unemployment and security issues,” he said.

The convener said that the group would request a quarterly roundtable meeting with all its representatives from Anambra to review and properly present the needs of the people.

He said that the meetings would guide the states representatives on matters of concern as it relates directly to the people of Anambra. (NAN)

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