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Group wants Kaduna govt. to ensure full implementation of child protection law


By Philip Yatai

Kaduna – The Kaduna Social Protection Accountability Coalition (KADSPAC) has called on the state government to ensure full implementation of its Child Welfare and Protection Law, 2016.

The Chairperson of the group, Ms Jessica Batholomew, made the call in a statement in Kaduna against the backdrop of Wednesday’s Children’s Day celebration.

Batholomew said that the state enacted the law to protect children from all forms of abuse as well as ensure their educational development among other needs.

She, however, noted that the law was being partially implemented since enactment in 2016, adding that full implementation of the law and other policies would ensure uninterrupted growth and development of the child.

According to her, the child protection law, policies and programmes are crucial in building the needed human capital in the state.

“The various interventions to improve child health and nutrition and the due attention to protecting the interest of the child were quite commendable, ” she said.

She particularly commended the state for promoting free and compulsory education for every child in the state from primary to senior secondary school.

Batholomew equally lauded the bold step of the government to end the almajiri system of education by insisting that all such pupils in the state must acquire basic education alongside quranic education.

According to her, the decision to prosecute parents who enrol children in such exploitative and abusive education system will restore the children’s right to basic education.

“The Almajiri education system requires a child to leave his parent at a very tender age and move with his quranic teacher from place to place.

“With no provision for feeding and care for the child, the almajiris are forced to roam the street, begging for alms to survive, thereby exposing them to all kinds of physical, health and psychological hazard.

“I am confident that the step taken by the government will surely restore their dignity and make them better citizens and live long to achieve their full potential,” she said.

The chairperson, however, urged the government to ensure full implementation of the law compelling parents and caregivers to send their children to school.

She further called on the state government to expand the radio and television teaching programme introduced to keep children learning while on lockdown at home due to COVID-19.


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