Gruesome Photos Of Man Allegedly Stabbed By Wife In Owerri For Having A Side Chick

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A woman allegedly stabbed her husband twice while he was sleeping because she him of having a side chic.

Facebook user Chinonso Chibuogwu claimed the incident happened in Owerri, Imo state. He added that the victim is his friend.

He said the wife of Mr Jude Mmadu him of infidelity so she stabbed him twice while he was asleep. He managed to wake up and escaped before she could harm him further.

Sharing graphic of the injured husband in the hospital, Chinonso Chibuogwu wrote: “Hmmm! Just visited my friend Mr Jude mmadu FMC owerri this morning. His wife tried to kill him because she that he has a side chic somewhere. Thank God after stabbing him twice as he was sleeping, he managed to wake up and escape.”

He added: “Just yesterday I talked about it. Nd? husband be careful this year because the spirit of ‘stabbing’ is seriously roaming about and those about to marry, you better put it on hold first (maka ndu gi) till we’re able to organise special prayer for this new development. ??

“I know cheating is not the only sin in this world and men are not the only people cheating,,, don’t allow yourself to be used(the stabbers) because of what follows it. Cheaters and Stabbers Beware!!!”