Gumi, El-Rufai, others urged to dissociate from herder-criminals

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The founder of One Love Family, Satguru Maharaj ji, has urged Sheikh Ahmad Gumi, Governors Nasir El-Rufai, Bello Matawalle and Bala Mohammed of Kaduna, Zamfara and Bauchi states stop their unholy alliance with the herders who are killing, raping and kidnapping people.

In a statement on Thursday, Maharaj ji said he gives them 90 days repentance period, starting from March 18 (yesterday), for them repent and give up on their unholy romance with the criminal-herdsmen, who are terrorising law-abiding citizens.

The statement said: “We are making this call on Sheikh Gumi, Governors El-Rufai, Matawalle and Mohammed and their cohorts take advantage of this grace period to explain to Nigerians the reason they are willing accomplices of merchants of death in their genocidal mission of destabilising the Black race due to hatred borne out of ethno-religious bigotry.

“We want know why they are engaged in intimate relationship with rogue and killer bandits, who go about murdering our people in cold blood, raping our women, ravaging people’s farmlands-the only means of sustaining themselves and burning down people’s ancestral homes. They owe us a duty to explain what our offences are.”

Maharaj Ji said: “Sheikh Gumi, with brazen impunity, assaulted our collective intelligence by equating the marauding killer- with Niger Delta militants in the Southsouth, arguing that if the militants can be given amnesty why not the criminal-herdsmen?

“Gumi is economical with the truth because the fact remains that the Niger Delta militants never shed the blood of innocent and defenceless Nigerians, but rather they tampered with oil installations as a medium of protest against criminal neglect of the geese that lay the golden eggs by the government. They had a good case because their environment was degraded in the course of exploiting the crude oil that was the main stay of our national economy, yet they were treated as captured slaves.”

“El-Rufai, from his antecedents, appears always call for the blood of innocent Nigerians whenever he feels challenged on his power-grabbing propensity, just for him to get at the top.

“In the case of Matawalle, he let the cat out of the bag that Northern politicians are in fraternity with rogue and kidnappers.

“Governor Mohammed should tell us the reason behind his rising in defence of marauding killer- and abductors and justifying the need for them carry AK 47 rifles to be killing our people because government did not protect them and as such, they need assault rifles to protect and defend themselves.”

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