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The District Head of Garubula village of Biu Local Government Area of State, Alhaji Ibrahim Dawi and 11 of subjects have been killed by insurgents on Wednesday. Witnesses said the attackers, who arrived Garubula in pick up vans and motorcycles attacked the ruler at residence around 11pm. “We broke fast in and even held Tarawee (supplementary ) before we left for houses,” Musa Muazu, a of Garubula said.

[eap_ad_1] “Around 11pm, we began hear sporadic shootings. When the subsided after about an hour, some of us summoned courage and went out only see corpses near the of district head,” Muazu said. correspondents gathered that one of the body guards of the district head also killed by the assailants. “The district head shot by the on head and rushed the Biu , where he died,” Modi Surajo, another of the village said. Garubula is along the Maiduguri- Damboa- Biu road where dozens of communities have been sacked by the insurgents. ()