Half of a Yellow Sun to start showing as film distributor, security operatives, Censors Board meet

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There are strong indications that the internationally acclaimed film, ‘Half of a Yellow Sun’ which is currently facing in Nigeria after its world premiere in Canada last year, may begin showing in cinemas across the country any moment next week.

HVP learnt about this during the week, after a close-door meeting involving a team of operatives, representatives of censors board and the distributors of the film held at the FilmHouse, in Surulere, Lagos. During the meeting, which lasted for a few hours, our source disclosed that the film screened the audience enable the operatives assess it as well as make their recommendations.

An adaptation of Chimamanda’s Ngozi Adichie’s award-winning novel, the film supposed have started showing in the cinemas since Friday, April 25. But had be stopped by the National Film and Video Censor Board, NFVCB, which has delayed its registration over “some unresolved issues which have be sorted out.”

Meanwhile, many commentators on social media believe that the film stopped getting into the market due the parts that tend whip tribal sentiments, especially on issues that led to the Nigerian civil . The board is said to be afraid that tribal rivalries could be inflamed if the movie is shown in the cinemas across the country.

“The film is “a beautiful production,” but the only problem is that the distributors did not follow the normal procedures before releasing the film into the market,”a source who was at the meeting told HVP. He assured that as soon as the board receives the recommendations of the operatives, they would not hesitate to certify the film.