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Healthcare Manager Urges Practitioners To Promote Patient-centre Care


Abuja – A Health Care Information Manager,  Dr Imambong Bassey, on Monday urged practitioners to promote value driven, Patient Centered Care. (PCC).

Bassey gave this advice in an interview with News Agency of Nigeria(NAN) in Abuja.

According to her, the key principles of PCC are continuity and continuous improvement of the information system to impact on the patient experience.

“Healthcare providers that prioritise cost control over innovative care do their patients and the people that work for them a serious disservice.

” Investing in technology that augments patient centered solutions returns profit and gives the struggling health systems the data, tools, and collective understanding needed to improve human health,” she said.

Bassey said that there was yet no comprehensive, real time information system to fuel a robust culture of accountability in the Nigerian health sector.

She said that by inspiring staff to re-examine how and why they work, the system would help the academic medical centre to reduce costs, elevate safety and achieve better patient outcomes

The healthcare manager noted that it was important that every health practitioners were identifiable throughout the duration they were on duty by wearing their name tags.

She said that documentation could never be over done in healthcare system, adding that everything should be written down and in a way the patients could understand.

According to Bassey, advice to patient, patients response, patients rejection of treatments and acceptance should be documented.

“What you do not document, does not exist. Always make sure your patients understand their condition, risks and complications.

“Sometimes, you might become the “bad negligent doctor” simply because you did not explain in clear terms.

”Document to protect yourself because one day a dissatisfied patient may sue you, just for the fun of it,” she said.

Bassey said that it was important for health practitioners to tell their patients the side effects of the treatment they administered to them.

She said that healthcare practitioners should always let their patients know their diagnosis, adding that it was the patients rights to know what he was diagnosed with.

Bassey said that it was only in Nigeria that doctors just gave patients medication and they worked out, without taking pains to know what they were suffering from. (NAN)

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