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Heavy Protest In Owerri As Imo People Reject Supreme Court Judgement


There is heavy protest now in Imo State as the whole state rejects Supreme Court judgment.

Protesters were seen with banners bearing Ihedioha is our governor, we know who we voted for.

The spokes person of the protesters said:

“We are very sad here in Imo State. It’s a shame to our democracy for Supreme Court to remove our democratically elected governor Chief Emeka Ihedioha.

“During the last gubernatorial election, we the entire imolites came out en masse to vote Emeka of PDP. In my polling unit so many party were sharing money and buying votes but we stood our ground to force out all those building political dynasty.

“Ihedioha’s victory was widely accepted and celebrated by all Imolites. After the election the candidates dragged him to tribune he won, they went to appeal court he also won them.

“But just yesterday 14th January Supreme Court controlled by the APC federal government stole that mandate from us. They say Supreme Court is the final and apex court so we can do nothing. But we disagree. We can do something. It’s only a coward that does nothing when injustice is given to him.

“We all know that Buhari is after all these. He wants APC to rule Imo by force by thunder.

“What APC and Buhari is telling us is that voting during an election while Buhari is in power is meaningless. If they don’t take it by rigging they take it by Supreme Court. This is new format indeed but we reject it. It can never happen here in Imo State.

“I believe that power doesn’t not belong to Buhari or to Supreme Court. Power belongs to the people. If we the entire people of Imo State should reject it with all our might and in togetherness we will triumph.

“We call on Emeka Ihedioha to reject the judgment of Supreme Court. We are ready to die with him. He should appeal to ECOWAS, United Nations, America, And any other international body. We are going to support him. If it means using peaceful protest to shut down all the whole road, work, and everything in Imo State we will do it.

“And to Hope Uzodimma, he is our brother. We didn’t vote for him. Maybe next time we will vote for him but we can’t allow him to impose himself on us. Rochas okorocha and his son in-law tried it we rejected and flushed him out.

“Supreme Court and buhari didn’t vote in Imo State, we know who we voted for and that person is Right Honourable Emeka Ihedioha. If this election is re-conducted 50 times we will still vote for Emeka ihedioha.

“Long live our democracy, long live Imo State.

“Say no to dictatorship and tyranny.”


Concerned citizens of Imo state.

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