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Herdsmen Killings: Nigerians Cannot Afford Self-help Option


By Samuel Ajayi

ABUJA (Sundiata Post) Why I am so much concerned about the Fulani herdsmen killings is simple. With my little knowledge of conflict resolution, especially that which is steeped in ethnic and religious differences, it is always a danger when a people feel the state can NO LONGER PROTECT THEM. 
The danger is that we are ominously moving towards that perilous direction. And when that happens, no one will be safe and I will tell you the reason. 
The United States armed dissidents in Libya to oust Gaddafi but Obama and his Hillary Clinton never planned for post-Gaddafi Libya. Now we have a lawless country with those who fought to oust and kill Gaddafi organising themselves into local militias with fiefdoms and those who could not carve out territories selling their guns. It is this sold weapons that found their way to sub-Saharan Africa with Nigeria being the biggest recipients of these small arms. Mali is another big receiver. 

My biggest fear is that if it fully dawns on a people that the state can not ACTUALLY  protect them, then more of these illicit weapons will find their way to Nigeria. No one has monopoly of sourcing them. 
I am really worried. 
And since it is black market acquisition, those who acquire them for communal protection outside governmental regulation will want to sell them in near future and cultists and armed robbers become ready buyers. 
As it is, we have so many small fire arms outside governmental regulation which are in wrong hands. We don’t need more. 
That is why those of you shouting Sai Baba and playing the ostrich with your usual “Baba-should-not-be-blamed” nonsense should continue. Please do! 
Unknown to you, your end might be brought about with one of these illicit weapons after it might have reached the FOURTH wrong owner. 
Mark my words.

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