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Herdsmen Menace! Flight of Diplomacy In Confronting A Violent Logic!

By Igbonekwu Ogazimora
Many of us are excited by the play out between one of these loquacious prosperity pastors and the DSS.
It should have amused me a lot as I always consider these pastors some kind of comic relief.
For all I know, they are after mega bucks and not really into reality Christian evangelism.
However, I am not very sure we have considered the true logic of violence of the nomadic Fulani influence in Nigeria.
We haven’t asked: are they Jihadists? Are they territorial grabbers? Are they agents of some foreign or local forces? Are they free runners taking advantage of a chaotic administration? Are they the same band of “sweepers” used by the Nigerian Army against Biafrans, during the war? Then, what is/are their purposes?
If the authorities have already said they are foreigners; at one time, Nigerians, at another Cameroonians, and just a few days back Senegalese as they could be dubiously called citizens of Central African Republic, we are left with no doubt that government has no solution to the menace.
Even with the plethora of diplomatic channels to handle these (if they are foreigners), the authorities are acting as if they have no known solution other than the doll-out of public funds to these marauders as El Rufai of Kaduna State of Kaduna State does.
As earlier stated, I never really gave any much thought to these prosperity pastors, but their shortcomings cannot in any way diminish the level of frustration and fear of annihilation by forces the government does not want to confront.
It is therefore strange that DSS, which has failed totally in any measure of constitutional duty of sifting the myriad problems has resorted to chasing shadows in the attempt to arrest the Pastor.
At the moment, I do not know of any country where the leaders know clearly the source of serious threat to the existence of the nation but prefer to chase shadows.
Nigerian security forces have proven to be barefooted, untrained, inept and roundly incompetent in the discharge of their duties.
Indeed, they have the malaise of bigotry added to this.
Rather than take on the real threats we all know as these herdsmen, they are joyfully killing simple, unarmed and peaceful demonstrators just because the name, Biafra, comes into what the show preference for.
It is this lack of rightful actions against real threats that actually present the worst threats to national existence far more than any agitation for Biafra.
And wait a minute, who do these leaders, especially the so called 19 Northern governors, think they are talking to, when they shame-facedly say these killers are from Senegal or wherever?
They are getting it wrong. Senegalese mad men cross the borders, cross over other states and enter a central (not border state) to kill in thousands, not once, not twice, but actually countless times, and in the same fashion, yet the entire Nigeria establishment and security aparachuk stand by and watch.
So, the way of containing foreign aggression is now to call a press conference after chicken-in-a-basket meetings in cosy homes of some aristocrats, to tell Nigerians they took time to discuss foreign aggression but without any solution. Haba!
May be, and may be, I say, does this not suggest that this leadership has never been tutored in the elements of failed states, banana republics and Somalia-type evolution? I cannot believe that they never came across such clear trends of states becoming ungovernable because of activities of mad partisans who usually ride the wave of religious sentiment to advance their bizarre political dreams.
Isn’t it strange that the government cannot say whether these are non-state actors from these countries or such propped by their home governments. In very bad cases, many are agents of international power players or indigenous destabilisation agents who have the run to run  such violent campaigns.
But that is if we ever believe the hogwash that they are foreigners.
Now, let us take a look at the threat to sovereignty. Does the Federal Government actually understand the threat to remove Nigeria from its grip by such foreign forces? If they do not, and they are doing nothing to tackle the very threatening situation, my conclusion is that it has tacitly approved self help. Put the other way, those calling on others to defend themselves are actually stating the obvious, since the government is bereft of the ideas to take on foreign forces invading Nigeria.
There should be no problems to Nigerians that a Fulani man is the President of Nigeria. However, the upsurge in Fulani drive at making life unbearable for others, with government pretending they are foreigners, really calls for concern. If they are foreign Yoruba or Igbo or Birom or Ibibio, they would have been wiped out, and possibly their internal/resident compatriots held accountable.
El Rufai can doll out whatever money he decides to give, for them to buy more arms, but Nigerians must be left to act like the helpless people they are.
Self preservation!
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